Member Status

On this site you can see your role’s status, e.g. approved (which means your role is safe), reserved (which means that you need to post a solo or start a SL, so we can see that you fit to us), hiatus (which means that you told us about your Twitterbreak), inactive (which means that you didn’t tell us about your Twitterbreak). Members that applied for more than one role can choose on which character they want to post a solo. After that solo, your roles will be approved or we will send you a message to discuss the solo with you. Sometimes we approve a role immediately because one of us either knows the member from former SLs or we already read a solo.

Approved Roles


Phoebe Halliwell || @SalaciousWitch
Payton Halliwell || @LivelyHalliwell || @DamagedWitch
P. J. Halliwell || @LilWitchCupid || @FervidBeaut

DC Universe

Barry Allen/The Flash || || @FeelTheFlash
Helena Kyle (Bertinelli)/Huntress || @FelinePredator


Catherine Burkhardt || @FallenRebel

The Secret Circle

Faye Chamberlain || @BadWitchy || @MiniWitchy 
Melissa Glaser || @UntamedSinner
Diana Meade || @EarthenBeauty
Jake(y) Armstrong || @LittleMrMiracle
Sara Dawn Armstrong || @LilWitchySara
Luke Armstrong || @LukeKittyCat ~ hiatus

The Vampire Diaries

Stefan Salvatore || @capablerippah
Damon Salvatore || @SalvatoreDamon_
Alaric Saltzman || @forbiddensource
Rebekah Mikaelson || @AlluringVamp
Hayley Marshall || @EnticingWolf
Delena Salvatore || @LilDelenaLove || @BigGirlDelena


Alice “Ally” Grey/Phoenix || @Arcane_Phoenix

Reserved Roles