Instructions & FAQs

How to join Living in Shadows

Step 1: You’ve found any role(s) you like and are a literate and descriptive (18+ is advised, but not mandatory) roleplayer? – Read Step 2.
Step 2: You’ve followed us on Twitter and mentioned or DMed us about the role(s) you want? – Continue with Step 3.
Step 3: You’ve decided to join as an OC (Original Character)? – Move on to Step 4, otherwise to Step 5.
Step 4: You’ve sent us a picture and a short bio for your OC? – Read Step 5.
Step 5: You’ve posted a solo for your character within a week? – Continue with Step 6.
Step 6: You’ve added the hashtag #LiS or our link to your Twitter bio/link? – Move on to Step 7.
Step 7: You’ve followed all members of your fandom? – Congratulations! Now you are ready to RP and have fun.


  1. Can I only RP with family members?
    • No, you are free to RP with everyone on Twitter. Your RP mate doesn’t have to be a family members, but we would be thankful for new people.
  2. Am I allowed to have as many RP accounts as I want?
    • Yes, if you can handle all of them.
  3. Can I apply for more than one role of the same fandom?
    • Yes, the limit is three characters per fandom.
  4. I have more than three characters of the same fandom, but I can only join the family with two of my characters.
    Do I have to delete my other accounts?
    • No, you just can’t apply for any other roles of this fandom anymore.
      So you need to choose wisely which three characters you want as your roles for a specific fandom.
  5. What am I supposed to do if I can’t be on Twitter for a while?
    • Just send us a message. In case you forgot to inform us, we will DM you after two weeks without any activity and then you have three more days to reply until we will reopen your role (unless you are part of someone else’s storyline).
  6. A family member caused drama, stole my mate or blocked me, what can I do?
    • Contact an admin. We tolerate neither any drama nor cheating nor blocking family members.
  7. Am I allowed to tweet OOC stuff?
    • Yes, but you should mark your tweets if they are OOC and if you tweet only OOC on your RP account you should better create an own account for that. So, pare your OOC tweets down to the minimum.
  8. How long must my solo be?
    • For a good solo we advise to write at least five tweets.

Got any more questions? Feel free to ask.