Original Characters

Jake(y) Armstrong || @LittleMrMiracle
FC: Matty B.
Jakey is the son of Jake Armstrong and Faye Chamberlain.
He was born in 2008 when his dad was still a witch hunter.
After his birth the witch hunters took Jakey away from his parents because they wanted to raise him as a hunter. Two years later (after his parents defeated the witch hunters with the help of their friends)
he unconsciously used his magic for the first time and found his way back home.
Jake and Faye adopted Jakey and revoke the adoption when they found out that there was no need
for it because the boy is related to them by blood.
He loves Pooh Bear and learns how to use his magic with the help of his mother, Faye.
Sara Dawn Armstrong || @LilWitchySara
FC: random girl
Sara is the daughter of Jake Armstrong and Faye Chamberlain.
She was born in 2011, a few months after her parents returned from their honeymoon.
Sara loves to play with her teddy and her older brother.
She is the youngest member of the Armstrong family and doesn’t know that she is a witch just like everyone else.
Luke Armstrong || @LukeKittyCat
FC: RPer’s cat
Luke is the Armstrongs’ cat. Faye calls him her “baby” because Luke was still a kitten
when she found him in the woods of Chance Harbour.
If Luke doesn’t sleep, he cuddles with the kids or Faye or plays with Bailey.
Bailey Armstrong
FC: Phoebe Tonkin’s dog
Bailey is the Armstrongs’ Yorkshire Terrier.
Jake and Faye got her as a christmas gift for their son Jakey who asked them to get a puppy.
She is a child-oriented dog who likes to play and cuddle with the family members.
Adrian Blackwell
FC: Josh Kloss
Adrian is John Blackwell’s first child. He was raised by his mother and his adoptive father. Adrian’s quest for new powers impressed his biological father who told him that he had it in himself to be the leader. Even though Adrian is the most cunning Balcoin, he isn’t the most powerful. He sees himself as a better leader of the Balcoin circle which often leads to fights with his younger brother Austin. Adrian is charming, but dangerous; his thirst for power knows no bounds. To get what he wants, Adrian will stop at nothing even if he has to rig others. He is the only Balcoin who can also manipulate crows. In order to complete the Balcoin circle Adrian and his siblings Austin, Kayla and Chris travel Chance Harbour to find their sisters Cassie Blake and Diana Meade.
Chris Blackwell
FC: Arthur Sales
Chris is John’s second child. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was the only child to be raised by his mother and John Blackwell for most of his life. From a young age, Austin was taught everything his parents deemed important about witchcraft. He constantly practiced spells outside of school. Most of the time, Chris used his magic for personal gain or just to mess with others. At the age of thirteen, he was informed of his dark magic. Chris was trained to control and use it. The idea of having dark magic was exciting to him. While he spent a lot of time focusing on his magic, Chris also participated in school and other activities. Now that he’s in Chance Harbour, he is dead set on getting Cassie and Diana to complete the Balcoin circle. Since he was so close to John, Chris feels that it’s his duty to see it through. While he isn’t completely set on killing non Balcoin witches, he is entertaining the idea. Chris feels that witches with dark magic are superior to those without it. His main strength is the fact that he has the most control of his magic out of his entire circle, making him the strongest. The idea of the True Believer Council being in town doesn’t scare or worry Chris in any way. He knows that any witch hunter doesn’t stand a chance.
Steven Blackwell
FC: Niclas Gillis
Bio will be added as soon as someone applied for this role.
Kayla Blackwell
FC: Katherine Heigl
Kayla Blackwell is the third child of John and one of the most innocent people you could meet. She was born in Chicago like her brother, but was put up for adoption. Kayla was adopted by two loving people and had two adoptive siblings. She was happy until her powers finally appeared and started reacting to her emotions. So, Kayla left her adoptive family and went on her own for a while considering her powers a burden on the rest of her life. Now three years later she’s one of the strongest witches, but she chooses only to use her powers to protect herself from harm. Kayla is still fighting the darkness her powers bring and also fighting the acceptance of her real family. Now she’s in Chance Harbour to fight against her beliefs.