Official Characters

The Circle


Jake Armstrong Richard Armstrong
Nick Armstrong Sara Armstrong
Cassie Blake Amelia Blake
Faye Chamberlain || @BadWitchy || @MiniWitchy John Blackwell
Adam Conant Dawn Chamberlain
Melissa Glaser || @UntamedSinner Ethan Conant
Diana Meade || @EarthenBeauty Charles Meade
Elizabeth Meade


Witch Hunters

Royce Armstrong Eben
Jane Blake Ian
Henry Chamberlain Isaac
Kate Meade Luke


Recurring Characters

Callum Lee Labeque
Eva Sally Matthews
Holden Glaser Calvin Wilson

Original Characters

The Armstrong Family

The Balcoin Bloodline

Bailey Armstrong Adrian Blackwell
Jake(y) Armstrong || @LittleMrMiracle Chris Blackwell
Luke Armstrong || @LukeKittyCat Kayla Blackwell
Sara Dawn Armstrong || @LilWitchySara Steven Blackwell