Original Characters

Catherine Burkhardt || @FallenRebel
FC: Cassidy Freeman
Catherine is the daughter of Kelly and Reed Burkhardt. She was born on 24th April 1992 in Rhinebeck, New York and adopted by Michael and Jane Nolan after the death of her birth parents. After the death of an unknown Grimm in Antwerp, Catherine starts to see creatures which are called Wesen. Wesen look like average humans to everyone else, but not to a Grimm like Catherine. Because she freaked out after she started seeing those creatures, her foster parents brought Catherine to the Northern Dutchess Hospital. With the help of a nurse called Annie, she survives an attempted murder and finally accepts her inheritance. Back in her familiar surroundings Catherine packs her stuff and moves out, intent on getting at the truth and finding her older brother Nick who used to live with their aunt Marie.