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Prue’s Children

Payton Halliwell || @LivelyHalliwell || @DamagedWitch
FC: random girl
Payton Halliwell was born to Prudence (Prue) Halliwell and Andrew (Andy) Trudeau on March 8th, 2007. Both her mother and father died while she was under a year old and to this day she is currently being raised by her aunts Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. She is by law adopted by Phoebe and has yet to learn that Phoebe isn’t her real mother. She has been told that Prue was another aunt of hers who passed away and it hasn’t been brought up since then. Payton has no knowledge of magic or anything to do with the supernatural that her aunts deal with on daily basis, all 3 of her aunts came to a conclusion when she turned 5 and decided to bind her powers. Payton is now a lively (hence the UN) and very joyful 7 year old 1st grader who loves to be outside and cause mischief around the Halliwell manor. She is very close with all of her aunts and enjoys spending time with them all.

Piper’s Children

Melinda Halliwell

Phoebe’s Children

Parker Halliwell
P. J. (Prudence Johnna) Halliwell || @LilWitchCupid || @FervidBeaut
P. (Patricia) Halliwell

Paige’s Children

Henry Mitchell Jr.
Tamora Mitchell
Kat Mitchell